Cleopatra in bdsm orgy

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Heard anything about bitchy Egyptian princess Cleopatra? Well, in this BDSM cartoon porn scene you will actually see this slut in action – see how she was torturing men in order to deliver ultimate pleasure to herself! Frying cocks with red iron, squashing cocks with heavy rocks and stretching male asses with enormous strapons… Hell yeah, that’s when femdom was at its full blossom – today’s dominas can only dream about it!

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Bondage under hot sun

Here’s how Bruce Bond would treat miserable bondmaids if he was an Egyptian pharaoh – he would sit on pillows sipping wine while enjoying a blowjob from the most beautiful of his slavegirls, then he would use her pussy as the rest for his cup while plowing her asshole with his oversized dick – and then he would fill that cup with his jizz and force the bitchie into drinking it all!

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Femdom cartoons with Bruce Bond

Looks like all the dirty things that Bruce Bond did to a customs babe whom he once chose to be his slavegirl won’t be left unrewarded – there is another uniformed honey craving revenge! Watch her start off with the usual examination of Bruce’s anus telling that she suspects him of smuggling forbidden shit – and end up plugging that motherfucker’s ass with soldering iron! The torturer has turned into tortured one!

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Cruel bondage with innocent girl

Bruce Bond got hold up at the customs when he was in so much hurry – and the busty customs officer who was checking him for a whole motherfuckin’ hour is surely going to regret her curiosity. Watch her get captured by Bruce in the end of the day, dragged into his torture room and… Treated in the best BDSM traditions! She’s gonna love extreme anal fucking and electrification, no doubt!

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Sadistic comics

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Is this sexy bootylicious waitress trying to seduce Bruce Bond intentionally? Well, if she does, she must be a real brave one – or a really stupid one cause she hardly imagines what the burly freak is going to do to her! Watch her follow him to the quiet old warehouse in the foretaste of a hard fuck with some cash for dessert – and get a real kinky sadistic treatment instead!

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Cruel bondage

Riding in cars with boys is fun – what is real risky is riding in train with Bruce Bond! This nasty fat dominator has just found a new victim for himself – the sexy long-legged slut sitting in front of him seems to be a perfect candidature for the position of his new sex toy! Watch Bruce tie her up and stretch her squelching fuck hole paying no attention to her screams!

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