Torture cartoon pictures

torture cartoons
Looks like Bruce Bond has lost the last traces of shame and fear that he used to have back in the day – now he’s torturing his bondmaids right in some quiet backstreet not paying any attention to the winos wandering around! Whipping, bondage, crazy all-hole sex and even torture with fire – the list of humiliating and incredibly painful things that this merciless kink does to his yelling slavegirls is endless!

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Cruel bondage

Riding in cars with boys is fun – what is real risky is riding in train with Bruce Bond! This nasty fat dominator has just found a new victim for himself – the sexy long-legged slut sitting in front of him seems to be a perfect candidature for the position of his new sex toy! Watch Bruce tie her up and stretch her squelching fuck hole paying no attention to her screams!

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